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About Daniel Tarnowski

Community & Leadership

Daniel Tarnowski, of Calabasas, California, is a professional in the banking industry, as well as a devoted community leader and volunteer. Daniel first became passionate about helping others when he volunteered to go on a mission trip to help a suffering community. From his very first trip, he realized he found immense satisfaction helping others. To this day, he has completed numerous mission trips, helping communities build wells, grow in prayer, and provide aid to people in need. 

Active in his church, Daniel Tarnowski also does more than his fair share of volunteering at home in California. As a former business owner and finance professional, he has an extensive network of connections he uses to organize fundraising events for his church. He has put together and completed many marathons and 5Ks, all for a good cause. 

In addition to his support for the church, Daniel is also an active volunteer at many of his city’s animal shelters and animal-focused nonprofit organizations. He has come to find that he probably enjoys the company of animals more than the company of humans—and he owns more than his fair share of pets to prove as much! Daniel loves to uses his experience in sales and marketing to help great animals find their forever homes. 

Outside of his volunteer work, Daniel Tarnowski works as a Wholesale Account Executive at Athas Capital Group. He specializes in hard money investments and works almost exclusively with brokers and other national lenders. He began his career in sales as a high school student, working in a cold-call position at his father’s mortgage refinance company. The early experience would prove useful, as Daniel has had a successful career in sales, occupying many account executive and management positions at a variety of companies. 

In between his sales positions, Daniel Tarnowski has also ventured into the realm of entrepreneurship. He has owned a car dealership, a repossession company, and a security business. Though he no longer owns the businesses, he has found his acumen for sales and client relationships has grown as a byproduct of his time as an entrepreneur. Now, he is able to see a sale from all sides, furthering his ability to make a connection and close a deal. 

If Daniel Tarnowski finds time for himself away from the office and the organizations he works with, he can be found as far away as possible from any kind of screen. He is an avid adventurer and sportsman who loves to travel. A self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie, Daniel was a member of the civil air patrol in high school and performed multiple skydive search and rescue operations. 

Find out more about Daniel Tarnowski and everything he knows about community and volunteering on his blog!

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